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Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Sat Jan 19 16:24:07 EST 2008

Unless someone is super keen to do this (below), I don't mind sending  
back some input.  For that matter, after I put something in the wiki,  
you can of course edit/add.

I'll take bullets from the presentation y'all sent me to give in  
Victoria, and add on activities since then.  Off the top of my head,  
I can think of the discussions re: presence at upcoming conferences,  
especially geotec, the presence at both GIS Days in October,  
discussions with Talent First, and Open Source Boot Camp.  If you  
have any other ideas/contributions, let me know.


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> From: Tyler Mitchell <tmitchell at osgeo.org>(OSGeo)
> Date: January 19, 2008 14:23:12 EST (CA)
> To: Tim Bowden <tim.bowden at westnet.com.au>, Helton Uchoa  
> <uchoa at opengeo.com.br>, Martin Kyle <MartinKyle at SierraSystems.com>,  
> Rongguo Chen <chenrg at lreis.ac.cn>, Lorenzo Becchi  
> <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>, Jorge Sanz <jsanz at prodevelop.es>, Jacolin  
> Yves <yjacolin at gloobe.org>, Arnulf Christl  
> <arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com>, Dimitris Kotzinos  
> <kotzino at csd.uoc.gr>, "Dr. P. S. Roy" <psr at nrsa.gov.in>,  
> Massimiliano Cannata <massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch>, Toru Mori  
> <moritoru at orkney.co.jp>, "Zachary L. Stauber"  
> <zachary at stauber.org>, "Scott Mitchell \(Carleton\)"  
> <smitch at mac.com>, Sander Borghuis <s.borghuis at geo.uu.nl>, David  
> William Bitner <bitner at dbspatial.com>, Joanne Cook  
> <j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk>
> Subject: Local Chapter Reports for Annual Report
> Hi all,
> Happy 2008 - I hope this note finds you well.
> Recently, the OSGeo Board of Directors asked me to help coordinate  
> the creation of a 2007 Annual Report for OSGeo:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Annual_Report_2007
> This will include reports from projects, committees, chapters,  
> etc.  Naturally, I cannot do this on my own and properly represent  
> the activities of the communities.  To this end I'm hoping you can  
> help by writing (or coordinating) a report from the Local Chapter  
> you are part of.  The target audience for the overall report are  
> other OSGeo members and committees.
> We have some time to get it together - can you help by providing  
> something by February 15th?  Creating the wiki page for your group  
> from the above link is all I need.  I've created a simple report  
> template to help give some direction, but I'm sure you can find  
> some improvements, just let me know:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Annual_Report_Template
> If you are not an official OSGeo Chapter yet, you may not have much  
> to talk about, but please still provide an update explaining the  
> current status and anything that took place in 2007.
> Please correct me if I'm asking the wrong person for your local  
> chapter, here is the contact list I used:
> Australia/New Zealand Chapter Report 2007 -- Tim Bowden
> Brazilian Chapter Report 2007 -- Helton Uchoa
> British Columbia Chapter Report 2007 -- Martin Kyle
> China Chapter Report 2007 -- Chen Rongguo
> Español Chapter Report 2007 -- Lorenzo Becchi/Jorge Sanz
> Francophone Chapter Report 2007 -- Yves Jacolin
> German Language Chapter Report 2007 -- Arnulf Christl
> Greek Language Chapter Report 2007 -- Dimitris Kotzinos
> India Chapter Report 2007 -- P.S. Roy
> Italiano Chapter Report 2007 -- Massimiliano Cannata
> Japan Chapter Report 2007 -- Toru Mori
> New Mexico Chapter Report 2007 -- Zack Stauber
> Ottawa Chapter Report 2007 -- Scott Mitchell
> Taiwan Chapter Report 2007 -- Sander Borghuis
> Twin Cities (Chapter Report 2007 -- David Bitner
> United Kingdom Chapter Report 2007 -- Jo Cook
> Please let me know if you can or cannot help on this front, or if  
> someone else from your group needs to be contacted.  I'm here to  
> help if you need something further.
> Best wishes for 2008,
> Tyler

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