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Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Jul 16 10:01:17 EDT 2008

Hey Gang,

Dave and Jeff here again. We just wanted to remind the group of our  
need to choose two new co-chairs.  If you are interested in taking on  
the role then please contact us off-line.  If you know someone who  
might be a good candidate, ask them to step forward and help the local  
OSGeo community.  We think it would be great to have the theme of the  
next chapter meeting be the “new co-chair kickoff”.

If you have any questions we can address them on the mailing list or  
through personal e-mail.
Thanks for everyone's energy in keeping the momentum of the OSGeo  
local Chapter going.

Dave Sampson
Jeff McKenna

On 8-Jul-08, at 9:40 AM, Sampson, David wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> For those of you who have been around since the beginning of the  
> local Ottawa Chapter of OSGEO you'll remember that despite our  
> informal structure and activities we do have some positions to be  
> filled.
> Jeff and myself have been fulfilling the roles of co-chairs or co- 
> presidents for a while now and we both feel it is time for new blood  
> and new ideas to come to the local chapter.
> Having two people fill this position is ideal as we all sometimes  
> have competing commitments.
> So we would like to formally open up the opportunity to all the  
> newcomers and the regulars to step forward and volunteer to fill  
> these roles.
> We will start with a volunteer/nomination process and then move to  
> votes after a couple of weeks.
> What to do:
> 1. If you want to volunteer, contact Jeff or myself directly through  
> e-mail indicating you would like to fill one of the two positions.
> 2. If you know of a leader in our community that would fit nicely in  
> this position then please ask their permission to nominate them.  
> Then you can contact Jeff or myself via e-mail to contribute your  
> nomination.
> 3. A couple of weeks from now we will compile the list of names and  
> throw it back at the community to vote on (private or public casts?  
> Maybe through the wiki?)
> 4. The two highest counts get the position.
> If there are any suggestions as to the process, let us know. We can  
> modify them. As long as the process is democratic and transparent we  
> can play with the model.
> Thanks.
> Dave & Jeff

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