[Ottawa_users] post-GIS day meeting

Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Wed Nov 12 15:36:00 EST 2008

I'd like to propose a GIS-Day-themed meeting this month.

Next Wednesday, November 19th is GIS Day.  All are welcome.  At least  
Jeff and I will be spending some time at an OSGEO table to provide  
information about the foundation, our software, and our local chapter.

I've been meaning to, but until now never quite got around to,  
suggesting that we have a local meeting the following day, at the  
usual hangout.  The thinking behind that is that I would have some  
brochures describing the ideas behind the chapter, and inviting people  
to participate.  That MIGHT generate some new traffic the next day, in  
which case we can welcome new people, exchange information, etc.  If  
nobody new comes, we can do our usual, and see if anyone else went to  
any interesting GIS Day events around town.

So if you're able and willing, come on out to the Fox and Feather on  
Nov 20!  And GIS Day too, for that matter.  If you need information on  
where to find the Carleton event, feel free to contact me directly.



smitch at mac.com
Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca

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