[Ottawa_users] Meeting Tonight

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Nov 20 11:56:21 EST 2008


Are we on for a meeting tonight at the usual location?

Any special event for tonight?  I would like to see one (or occasional)
meetings where we do brief topics by several people.  Basically something
like up to five minute unprepared (or very minimally prepared) talks about:

  * an open source project the person is working on...
  * a project the person is working on, using using some open source software...
  * a technical challenge the person is facing, and wondering if there are
    options they should consider.
  * job openings
  * contract RFPs
  * well, really anything with a vague open source bend and some local

Really, I'm interested in getting people to talk a *bit* about what they
are doing, or needing so we have a better sense of who locally is doing what
and helping to make connections.

I'm thinking we should restrict each topic (talk + open discussion) to five
minutes though there can be later unofficial followup in the evening of course.

I have lots of topics I could do a bit on.  :-)

Best regards,
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