[Ottawa_users] GeoCamp 2009

Teresa Baldwin tnbaldwin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 13:30:23 EDT 2008


I'm actually a student at Algonquin, and am taking the post-grad GIS
program. As far as I can tell, we use proprietary software only. In regards
to installing anything, I wish you good luck.Our lab computers are ghosted
every time someone logs in to them. You'd be able to install whatever you
wish, but you would have to install it again if you wanted to use it for a
later presentation. I believe all Algonquin computers are like this,
although I'm not certain.

Hope that helps,


2008/9/15 Sampson, David <dsampson at nrcan.gc.ca>

> Maybe find what FOSS4G tools might already be used in their courses.
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