[Ottawa_users] GeoCamp 2009

Teresa Baldwin tnbaldwin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 22:17:08 EDT 2008


2008/9/15 Dave Sampson <samper.d at gmail.com>

> Teresa, do you know who our main points of contact would be to propose
> the idea?

Mike Ballard seems to be the one to talk to about things :
ballarm at algonquincollege.com

> Of course we don't need to run linux as all options should be feasible
> on windows, so maybe setting up a GIS centric windows Ghost for
> Algonquin could be a temp fix.

I don't know where you would be having something like this, but it most
likely would be in the GIS lab that I am currently in. I seriously doubt
that a temp Ghost would work. They have more than enough issues trying to
get the computers running and connected to the servers. The technician in
charge of the GIS labs is Lisa, however I don't know her last name, or her
email address. She will be on holidays in October though. Just as a heads

Any more questions, just let me know.


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