[Ottawa_users] Meeting for December

Philippe Vachon philippe at cowpig.ca
Tue Dec 1 20:04:07 EST 2009

Hi all!

Well, I've been a terrible chapter co-chair (or at least, a very busy one, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

Anyways, I was thinking, December is here, and it's the beginning of the month, and it's been a few months since we last had some sort of gathering of minds to discuss the impacts of open source software on the geospatial world! So, perhaps early December is a good time for this, right? I'm sure everyone is approaching holiday mode, so hopefully more people would be able to make it out.

So, two points:
a) Who would be interested in a chapter meeting, say sometime late next week (Thursday, December 10th, I'm thinking). Same time (6:00 PM), same place (the Fox and Feather Pub on Elgin).
b) Are there any folks interested in doing talks? I'm sure someone's been up to something cool... otherwise, we can have a more informal meeting, with a lot more of the "eating, drinking and being merry" routine.



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