[Ottawa_users] CAG 2009 CFP - Spatial Data Infrastructures

Scott W Mitchell Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca
Mon Feb 16 12:37:08 EST 2009


Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) 58th Annual Meeting 2009
May 26 - 30, 2009, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Special geomatics session on Spatial Data Infrastructures

Organized by: Scott Mitchell, Geomatics and Cartographic Research  
Centre, Carleton University


This session is aimed at bringing together talks/posters/people  
interested in the theories, methods and technologies related to  
Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).  SDI can be defined as the  
technology, policies, standards, human resources, and related  
activities necessary to acquire, process, distribute, use, maintain,  
and preserve spatial data.  Established SDI programs are now into  
their second decade of operation, and thus we are in a position to  
engage in retrospective as well as forward looking dialogue on the  
many facets of the SDI domain.

Suggested topics for the session include but are not limited to:   
technical approaches; SDI policy development and implications;  
development and application of standards; applications base on SDI;  
critical theory and social implications; emerging tools and approaches  
such as the Semantic Web and data-driven inquiry.

The session will be scheduled within a block of sessions organized by
the GIScience Study Group, CAG.  We also encourage abstract  
submissions for
any other field within geomatics/GIS/remote sensing, and we will try to
organize as sensible a timeline and grouping for these sessions as  
In other years, there has been a "GIS Day" within the overall conference
schedule, with sessions spilling on to other days as necessary when  
were more talks than could fit in that day, and we aim to follow this
approach again.

- to indicate interest, submit a paper title by
email (contact detail below) ASAP, and certainly by the abstract  
- abstracts are due online by Feb. 28th 2009 (REVISED deadline), and
to aid in scheduling into the appropriate session, we would appreciate
a separate email of the abstract to the organizers.

For abstract submission, see:

Please submit paper titles and queries for this session to:

Scott Mitchell Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca

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