[Ottawa_users] April 09 meeting?

Andrew Ross grof at rogers.com
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April 2 is no go for me as we're doing a leaders in open source discussion
panel here in town. Everyone is invited if they're interested in attending.
See: http://fosslc.org/drupal/node/244

The 9th works well for me.

Last month's meeting was informal - 10 second summary is various
conversations about stuff going on in town and chatting about what's going
on in various government programs.


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March continues to be ridiculously over-booked for me, and I know that for
many of the rest of you, end-of-govt-fiscal year is also causing a crush.

How does April 2 sound for a meeting?

How did last month's meeting go?  Any ideas for presentations/ discussion
topics?  Do any of you have a new project or experience you'd be willing to
share with the group?

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