[Ottawa_users] Some of us are home safe

Darren Cope darrencope at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 09:40:36 EST 2009

I'd be interested in a November meeting if it fit my schedule.  I've only
been to one meeting ~2 years ago, and would like to get more involved in the
group again!

Darren Cope

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>  RE Drupal stuff: I'd be interested in a presentation... do you have any
> of this on video yet?
> Perhaps a november meeting?
> Cheers
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> Hi Everyone,
> I arrived home safe last night. I counted it up... spent 58 hours on planes
> flying to, from, and around Australia. I don't know about the others but I
> I'm thoroughly done with airport terminals and going though security for a
> while.
> As one of my Ingres colleagues in Australia said to me: "Is a third of the
> conference from Ottawa?!" referring to the good representation of the local
> folks in Sydney for FOSS4G.
> Next meeting we can talk about the experiences of those that went.
> Also, stay tuned for videos of the talks - FOSSLC was there and recorded
> most of them. We had a few volunteers bail on us at the last moment so some
> days we only recorded 3 or 4 of the 5 rooms. It's a pity as the reason they
> bailed was that they wanted to catch talks in other rooms we were
> recording... c'est la vie I suppose.
> Also, in case we're looking for fodder, I could talk about Drupal & the
> location + mapping plugins running on Ingres - this is a little project we
> did recently and demoed in Sydney along with our other stuff. It's kinda
> neat and makes mapping data very easy.
> If you're interested, my pictures are up here:
> http://bit.ly/3LcxAq
> Safe journeys to those still down under. Best of luck to those fighting jet
> lag. ;-)
> --
> Andrew
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