[Ottawa_users] Re: looking for a meeting date

Scott Mitchell smitch at connect.carleton.ca
Mon Aug 23 12:08:14 EDT 2010

Based on feedback from the poll, our next meeting will be Thursday,  
September 16th.  Assume the usual place and time, i.e. 6pm at the Fox  
and Feather, unless we have reservation troubles (in which case we'll  
email again).


On 18-Aug-2010, at 12:35 , Scott Mitchell wrote:

> Hey, gang, hope you're enjoying the summer.
> Since I last wrote about a possible meeting time in June (none was  
> found), Phil and I have had troubles finding times when we're both  
> available.  He's off traveling again now, but will be back at the  
> end of the month.  I'm hoping we can have a meeting either before or  
> after the FOSS4G conference.
> One purpose for the meeting will be to encourage/plead/accept a  
> volunteer to take over my co-chairship of our group - as I've  
> written earlier, I'm feeling pretty stretched these days, and it's  
> time to pass the baton.  Phil has indicated interest in staying in  
> the other half of the role for now, but he could use some help.
> Second, the FOSS4G conference is always an interesting topic.  If we  
> meet before the conference, if there's anyone who can come and talk  
> about what they'll be presenting/teaching/doing at the conference,  
> possibly but not necessarily showing a practice version of their  
> talk/tutorial, I know we'd all like to see/hear about it.  If we  
> meet after the conference, those of us who don't make it to  
> Barcelona would love to hear all about it from those that went.
> I've put three possible dates into a Doodle poll: Aug 30, 31, and  
> Sep 16.  This breaks from the Thursday tradition, but that will be  
> necessary given my other commitments if we meet before the  
> conference.  I wouldn't normally prioritize my own schedule so much,  
> but since one of my objectives is to get someone to take over my  
> role, I think it's important for me to be there, and preferably  
> Phil, too.  If these dates don't work, we can find others.
> Please visit http://www.doodle.com/27fs8ntxebbir9tr and register  
> your preferences/availability for those dates.  There's a commenting  
> facility there too, if you want to elaborate on your input.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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