[Ottawa_users] Volunteer project for Fair Vote Canada

Julien Lamarche julien.lamarche at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:09:17 EDT 2011


 Julien Lamarche from Fair Vote Canada.  I've hung around a bit as
OSGEO meetings and some of you know me.  I must apologize for my
prolonged absence.

 If any of you will be compiling election results, I'd love to have a
map on "wasted" votes by poll (votes going to a non-winning candidate)
in the Ottawa - Gatineau area.  Street lines and rivers would be nice
just to situate the polls.

Fair Vote Canada's mission is to reform the electoral system to a more
proportional system so that more votes count and the legislature
better represents canadians in their ethnic and gender diversity.  In
the last federal election, 50.7% of all votes did not go to a winning
candidate.   More info at fairvote.ca .  I am Vice-president of the
Ottawa chapter of FVC.

Since its a volunteer project for internal use mostly, you would be
free to follow as little or as many requirements as you'd like.
Number of ridings (1 to 10), symbology, one map or multiple maps per
party, etc..  E-mail me for questions, and I'd be happy to discuss it
over phone as well.

Sign the  ***Declaration of Voters Rights***: http://is.gd/i34Fb
Signer la ***Déclaration des droits des électeurs***: http://is.gd/i34Fb

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