[Ottawa_users] QGIS or OSGEO-LiveDVD on a Mac?

Regie Alam regie.alam at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 16:56:04 EDT 2012


   Does anybody know if QGIS or the OSGEO-Live DVD (which contains
QGIS) work on a Mac? Are there any other pre-requisites, or is it just
plug the DVD and play?

   We are currently doing an Ottawa Tree Canopy Cover Project
using QGIS but a few of our volunteers indicated that they have Macs.
I don't have access to a Mac computer so I have no way to check. Also,
we are providing them data (shapefiles, geotiffs) that were created on
a Windows machine. We're asking them to copy that data on to their
computers. Would those data still be accessible once they copy those
on to their Macs and use the OSGEO-Live DVD?

Thanks very much,

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