[Ottawa_users] SFD & GIS-Day. Deadlines for abstracts

Christy Nieman cnieman at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Aug 7 10:44:53 PDT 2013

Hi Fabien,

This is why I tried to convince you guys were dreaming a little big :)

It's all great to think about doing events like this in theory, but in 
practice it's a lot to expect from a little group like ours.  I would 
suggest we just try to have a presence at GIS day, and maybe do a little 
intro to FOSS/FOSS4G workshop in the GIS lab.

I'm not sure what my availability is going to be like, but I'll help if 
I can.


On 08/07/2013 09:31 AM, Fabien Ancelin wrote:
> Greetings Everyone.
> This a friendly reminder that the deadline for the abstracts 
> pertaining to SFD is tonight. We are running really low on 
> presentations right now (only 2 abstracts for SFD) and we need 
> presentations to make that event happen.
> If anyone feels up to giving some time and energy for SFD, you have 
> until today, 11:59 PM. Based on the number of people submitting 
> abstracts, we will have an idea of how we will organize this event.
> If we don't have more, maybe we will consider focusing on the GIS-Day 
> instead. That will need to be a collective decision.
> Cheers,
> 2013/7/28 Fabien Ancelin <fabien.ancelin at gmail.com 
> <mailto:fabien.ancelin at gmail.com>>
>     Hello folks,
>     Time is running fast, and the involvement of the OSGeo Local
>     Chapter in the Software Freedom Day and GIS Day is becoming more
>     and more imminent. So I think it is time to set deadlines for
>     abstracts.
>       * SFD is in 1 month. In order to make sure we are all ready and
>         engaged into that event, I would like to set the deadline for
>         *Wednesday, August 7 at 11:59 PM*.
>       * GIS-Day is further away in time, but Scott has a meeting
>         related to the organization of this event on August 14. Having
>         abstract will help him to get us a lab. So I would like to set
>         the deadline to *Monday, August 12, 11:59 PM*.
>     The abstract is something really simple, you will find below the
>     abstracts Javed sent to me as an example.
>     _*Javed's Abstract for Optiks :*_
>     /Ball Aerospace developed Opticks in December 2007 as a Free and
>     Open Source Software (FOSS) project that allows remote sensing TDW
>     Data Analyst to gain practical knowledge and develop image
>     processing skills in many of the digital image processing
>     functions. Opticks provides capability in areas such as: image
>     enhancement, spectral signature processing, multispectral,
>     hyperspectral and Synthetic Aperture RADAR image analysis. Optick
>     is an extensible RSI analysis desktop application. The application
>     and extensions are written in C ++ and licensed under Lesser
>     General Public License (LGPL). //Opticks is free to use,
>     distribute and modify. The LGPL license ensures that once you
>     download Opticks, that version always stays free and open-source.
>     Application of Opticks, as part of TDW FOSS GeoStack, for Mineral
>     Explorations will be discussed./
>     Let me know if you have any issue, comment, or problem with the
>     abstract.
>     Regards,
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