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Mon Nov 11 16:23:27 PST 2013

Hi Fabien,

Thanks for all your hard work on this. First off, I really like the 
Parliament logo with no effects on the Ottawa county. I'm excited to for 
us to have our own logo that will help with giving us a more 
recognizable brand.

Don't add a link to the logo, no text is needed.

I agree fully with the omission of co-chair names. There is no need, the 
logo is about OSGeo, not the individuals respective of position/involvement.

The credits for the design of the logo should be at the bottom of the 
page along with image sources etc.

All in all this is a lot of work you've done. Thanks again for this! 
Really like how it looks:)

On 13-11-10 10:58 AM, Fabien Ancelin wrote:
> Hello folks,
> A long of email that comes with something I put quite a bot of time into.
> I already mentioned that to a couple of you, but I think we really 
> need a logo to identify the Ottawa Chapter as an entity.  It will 
> become even more important if we plan to have a banner for the 
> GIS-Day. So the below are proposals, and now, I would like to know 
> what you people think about it. I welcome /_*any*_/ comment, or 
> /_*any*_/ proposal.
> All the proposals were created using Inkscape, an Open Source 
> Software. You will find one directory that contains the original svg 
> files created with Inkscape and a bunch of pdf that should be readable 
> with all devices. (the reason for that is that mobile phone don't 
> always do well with svg files.)
> Note that the representation of the Parliament is not finished. It 
> requires an additional hour of work. I will polish it only if you like 
> it and will integrate all your potential comments at the same time. 
> Also keep in mind that the reason, there is so much detail on the 
> Parliament is that is we use the logo with a big size, I don't want 
> the Parliament to look empty.
> I have also attached a proposal for a couple of effects that I can use 
> on the boundaries of Ottawa. I would like to use the drop shadow 
> effect. Please, let me know what you think!
> I also got the following proposals, which I am not really keen on for 
> reasons explained below, but I want to know what you folks think. In 
> the end, I want the decisions we take to meet the will of the majority 
> of the members. And again, even though I don't share the same ideas, I 
> really appreciated and value the feedback that has already been given 
> to me :
>   * *Adding a link to our local Chapter's webpage close to the logo*.
>     I am usually not in favor of adding to much text to a logo because
>     that defeats the purpose of a logo as a simple picture that easily
>     identify a mark/product.
>   * *Having the co-chair names next to the logo*. Co-chairs may
>     change, the logo shouldn't. And I see OSGeo as group of
>     individual. We co-chairs, work hard ;), but we are here to serve
>     the community, nothing more. I don't think we deserve to be on the
>     logo.
>   * *Giving credits to Inkscape (the piece of software I used in order
>     to create this logo)*. I am still quite uncertain about it. I love
>     the idea of promoting an Open Source Software that is really
>     useful and I was thinking about mentioning Inkscape on our wiki
>     page. But again, to me this information defeats the purpose of a
>     logo. Furthermore, as far as I know, it is not a common practice
>     to see the software used for the design of logo mentioned in the logo.
> Keep in mind that when doing a poster of a banner, the logo is just 
> one part of it. We can add a lot of information next to it. We should 
> have all of the above on a banner, I simply don't believe it should be 
> part of the logo.
> I am looking forward to hearing all your comments and proposition 
> about that. Also I am really good at making paper map, I am not a 
> graphic designer so there is probably a lot of new ideas you can 
> bring. So don't be shy!
> Cheers
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