[Ottawa_users] Ottawa_users Digest, Vol 80, Issue 20 - OSGEO Award of Excellence

Javed Syed motivism at yahoo.com
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Thank you Fabien for the GIS Day synopsis.
Nominations for OSGEO Award of Excellence are Open.
Please sumbit your Nominations with brief Bio by 10 Dec 13.
Award will be presented at the OSGEO Chrismas Dinner on 12 Dec 13.
OSGEO Ottawa leading the way in FOSS.
Javed T-Data Syed

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Today's Topics:

  1. Updates on GIS-Day and next meeting (Fabien Ancelin)


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Hello folks,

First, a great thank you to all of you that showed up at the GIS-Day at
Carleton University. It was good to have OSGeo members there. It was a
great opportunity to show what can be done with Open Source. Thanks to
Scott for the organization : it was really well organized, with what seems
to be a lot of interesting people. I wished I had the time to see many
presentations yesterday.

Secondly, thanks to Richard that came up with the Humanitarian Open Street
Map last Thursday. That was a really good event. We got 8 people showing
up, and some of them were first time OSM Mapper. It was a great feeling to
contribute to helping people and all of that with a bunch of cool people.
People did a really good job at helping each other from a technical
standpoint, which allowed everyone to get up to speed quickly.

Finally, I would like to suggest a change for the next OSGeo meeting. Since
it is hard to do a meeting at the end of December, Javed and I were
thinking about having one meeting in mid-December and skipping the one from
November. The meeting would be on Thursday December 12th. Javed was
thinking about a Christmas dinner, so it is up to us to see if we want to
do something a bit more special. Any ideas?

On the agenda, we could have :

  - A recap on GIS-Day and see have ideas about what is next? I must admit
  I am up to slacking off the next month or two :)
  - Anything else you guys want.

Let me know what you folks think about that.

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