[Ottawa_users] Updates on GIS-Day and next meeting

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Sun Nov 24 20:42:09 PST 2013

Hey Fabien,

   I'm up for a meeting this December.


On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 9:08 AM, Fabien Ancelin <fabien.ancelin at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello folks,
> First, a great thank you to all of you that showed up at the GIS-Day at
> Carleton University. It was good to have OSGeo members there. It was a
> great opportunity to show what can be done with Open Source. Thanks to
> Scott for the organization : it was really well organized, with what seems
> to be a lot of interesting people. I wished I had the time to see many
> presentations yesterday.
> Secondly, thanks to Richard that came up with the Humanitarian Open Street
> Map last Thursday. That was a really good event. We got 8 people showing
> up, and some of them were first time OSM Mapper. It was a great feeling to
> contribute to helping people and all of that with a bunch of cool people.
> People did a really good job at helping each other from a technical
> standpoint, which allowed everyone to get up to speed quickly.
> Finally, I would like to suggest a change for the next OSGeo meeting.
> Since it is hard to do a meeting at the end of December, Javed and I were
> thinking about having one meeting in mid-December and skipping the one from
> November. The meeting would be on Thursday December 12th. Javed was
> thinking about a Christmas dinner, so it is up to us to see if we want to
> do something a bit more special. Any ideas?
> On the agenda, we could have :
>    - A recap on GIS-Day and see have ideas about what is next? I must
>    admit I am up to slacking off the next month or two :)
>    - Anything else you guys want.
> Let me know what you folks think about that.
> Regards
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