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Laura Criscuolo lauracris at hotmail.it
Wed Jul 22 04:08:46 EDT 2009

Thank you Steve,

I'll test your solution as soon as possible!



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> Laura Criscuolo wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> > I'm involved in a research on network routing in emergency situations, 
> > and I need to menage a huge network database, to wich I'm going to add 
> > and remove roads periodically.
> > To rebuild the topology (with the assign_vertex_id function) whenever 
> > I modify the network takes really plenty of time; do you know a quicker 
> > way to insert in the topology the new data?
> > Thanks in advance!
> > 
> > Laura 
> Hi Laura,
> assign_vertex_id() function basically iterates through all the edges in 
> your graph and assigns node number to the source and target columns. So 
> you could write a function the assigns the source and target node 
> numbers to a single edge and call that on each new edge you add to the 
> graph.
> Since the source and target numbers are stored on the edges removing the 
> an edge record will remove it from the graph.
> Look at the assign_vertex_id() and it should be pretty straight forward 
> and obvious as to how to make a new function. Post your questions and 
> results here and we would be happy to review and/or comment on it.
> Best regards,
> -Steve

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