[pgrouting-users] arbitrary point path calculation

Daniel Kastl kastl at orkney.co.jp
Mon Jul 27 19:52:54 EDT 2009

> >From what i understand from the docs pgRouting can "only" calculate
> the path between two points it has in the database? As opposed to
> telling it my start and end coordinates?
pgRouting does a shortest path search from A to B, right.
Other things like find closest bus stop, shop, crossing, road link, etc. 
from lat/lon you need another query. But it's not difficult. Take a look 
at the workshops for example.
> The use case that i have in mind is to allow users to tell me where
> they are and where they want to go, the code picking the closest bus
> stop with connection to a bus station close to where the user wants to
> go.
If a user tells you the address where to start from you need to look up 
in your table the nearest road link to start with.

> Does pgrouting know anything about time tables (taking in account when
> the buses drive)?
No, not yet. It would be nice to have it in pgRouting though.


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