[pgrouting-users] Was: [RouterGeocoder] Re: Google Summer of Code for the router project

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Fri Mar 27 11:24:53 EDT 2009

Daniel Kastl wrote:
> Hi Wolf,
> I thought I better move this discussion to the SoC mailing list.
> Well, I just realized that there is not really much time left for the
> proposals.
>>From the pgRouting project Anton Patrushev and I are willing to mentor.
> I checked the steps on the OSGeo wiki page and saw that Steve already
> added OpenGeocoder ideas.

This would be great.

> My question is how to proceed now.
> Steve, may I just clone your OpenGeocoder page and create a similar one
> for OpenRouter?

Yes, just clone my page and edit it.

> Do we want to discuss our ideas on the RouterGeocoder list before we add
> them to the wiki page. Maybe there is not enough time anymore for a long
> discussion.

I think the wiki page should be put up and the discussion can happen in 
parallel. If more ideas come up then we can capture them on the wiki 
page. To the extent that we discuss technical implementation issues, I 
think we should capture them on pgRouting wiki or somewhere so we can 
com back to them in the future and if/when we have a student working on 
a project they can review and benefit from the discussion.

> In addition to Steve's ideas I thought about
> - Implement a bi-directional shortest path algorithm
> - Improve the Traveling Salesperson (make it possible to return to the
> start point)
> - Improve the OpenStreetMap data import tool (or even other data sources)
> - Add support for time constraints
> - Network layering support might be too difficult

A few more ideas:

- the current turn restricts really need to be reworked to be useful, 
Anton and I discussed this and I think we have a much better model in mind
- Traffic avoidance using Navteq LINK_IDs that are offered with must 
traffic traffic feeds.
- Improved support for Navteq data loading


> My Melange Link ID is "dkastl".
> Daniel
> Wolf Bergenheim schrieb:
>> On 26.03.2009 07:27, Daniel Kastl wrote:
>>> Hi Steve,
>>> Thank you for starting this, and I probably can add a couple of ideas to
>>> yours.
>>> My general question is if pgRouting would be accepted by OSGeo to
>>> propose a SoC project. Because so far pgRouting is not an OSGeo project
>>> or in incubation waiting list yet.
>>> If this is not a blocker, I'm glad to add a proposal.
>> In my view I think it would be fine, as it will in general improve
>> software that OSGeo cares about (PostGIS). Besides, PostGIS and OSGeo
>> are friends. :)
>> It is not a blocker, as it falls under the OpenRouter project, Daniel
>> please proceed.
>> Regards,
>> Wolf Bergenheim
>> OSGeo GSoC Administrator
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