[pgrouting-users] Was: [RouterGeocoder] Re: Google Summer of Code for the router project

Daniel Kastl orkney at gmx.de
Fri Mar 27 20:21:12 EDT 2009

Hi Steve,

I forgot to mention that the wiki page is already there:
I made a quick summary and will probably add a bit more explanation later.

> I think the wiki page should be put up and the discussion can happen in 
> parallel. If more ideas come up then we can capture them on the wiki 
> page. To the extent that we discuss technical implementation issues, I 
> think we should capture them on pgRouting wiki or somewhere so we can 
> com back to them in the future and if/when we have a student working on 
> a project they can review and benefit from the discussion.

I agree. Good idea.

> A few more ideas:
> - the current turn restricts really need to be reworked to be useful, 
> Anton and I discussed this and I think we have a much better model in mind
> - Traffic avoidance using Navteq LINK_IDs that are offered with must 
> traffic traffic feeds.
> - Improved support for Navteq data loading

About the support for other data sources I also thought about. The OSM import needs some review, too. Here in Japan we don't have Navteq  nore TeleAtlas, so I just added OSM support so far.

Other ideas are good. Do you want to add them yourself?

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