[pgrouting-users] Vote results on [RFC-01] and [RFC-02]

Venka venka.osgeo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 19:10:18 EDT 2010


Many thanks for the background and present
status of PostLBS and its relation to

Interesting that you are working on something
similar to ZOO (capital O's). Hope we can discuss
possible collaborations. Also look forward to
the release of you WebAPI at FOSS4G.

Best regards


On 2010/04/19 12:28, Toru Mori(森亮) wrote:
> Hi list,
> I guess almost nobody on the list understands what PostLBS is and
> relationship between PostLBS and pgRouting. So I would like everybody
> on the list to explain it.
> pgRouting has started as a branch project of PostLBS at Orkney, Inc.
> in late 2005. First version was released in 2006.
> You can see the description of what PostLBS is at
> http://www.orkney.co.jp/en/community/ . --------- PostLBS provides
> core tools for Location Based Services as open source software based
> on PostgreSQL and PostGIS. PostLBS includes routing and address
> search functionalities - pgRouting and pgGeocoder, which are similar
> to those found in proprietary software. ---------
> For a very long time, PostLBS, as an open source project, has been
> suspended except for pgRouting and Japanese domestic pgGeocoder.ja.
> So I would propose that pgRouting can be independent open source
> project, no longer branch project of PostLBS. It is totally up to the
> community.
> By the way, Orkney has re-started PostLBS development since Dec. 2009
> with government fund. New PostLBS is designed as universal WebAPI
> platform for geospatial analysis and visualization. It works with
> pgRouting and other geospatial tools as well. It will be released
> this September around FOSS4G. I guess it has similar functionalities
> to the Zoo project partly. So I think we should discuss and find way
> to collaborate.

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