[pgrouting-users] Preferred version

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Mon Oct 18 04:45:36 EDT 2010

Hi Peter,

Anton is right, that the SVN version is the one that usually works well and
it's also the one that is part of the OSGeo LiveDVD for example and which I
used for Ubuntu packages on Launchpad.

There are actually two reasons, why there is no official new release:

   1. migration of SVN directory to SVN servers is in queue for months now
   2. there was no official release procedure defined, so no steps described
   how to do a new release

My personal opinion on this:

   - move to GIt (because I'm not sure this SVN migration will ever happen)
   - take the current SVN version as a new release without any special
   testing (it has been tested for months already IMO)
   - do it more properly for further releases

Anyone else any opinion on this?

Best regards,

2010/10/18 Peter Hopfgartner <peter.hopfgartner at r3-gis.com>

> Hi Anton,
> I've put a temporary copy on:
> http://www.r3-gis.com/upload/pgrouting-1.03.5-1.x86_64.rpm and
> http://www.r3-gis.com/upload/pgrouting-1.03.5-1.src.rpm .
> We'll do some testing on it in the next days.
> Regards,
> Peter
> R3 GIS Srl - GmbH
> http://www.r3-gis.com
> --------Anton Patrushev <anton.patrushev at georepublic.de> wrote--------
> Subject: Re: [pgrouting-users] Preferred version
> Date: 17.10.2010 13:10
> >Hi Peter,
> >
> >Yes, you're right.
> >We still didn't make a decision about 1.04 - too many other things to do.
> >
> >So, you can take it and name it 1.035 :)
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Anton.
> >
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