[pgrouting-users] First PayPal donation for pgRouting

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Wed Aug 17 22:12:28 EDT 2011

Hi pgRouting users,

It took more than half a year, but finally it happened: pgRouting received
its first donation through the PayPal button on its website!
Thank you very much to Juan Luis for his donation, and congratulations to be
the first one!

If you haven't seen the button yet, take a look on the right column of the
website: http://www.pgrouting.org/
And if you want to know what purpose donations may be used for, it's
explained here: http://www.pgrouting.org/donate.html

We hope this was just the beginning and we can collect a bit more funds.
This year pgRouting has two very successful GSoC students, Jay and Kishore,
and with some financial support we could give them (or other students) an
opportunity to help improve pgRouting.

Georepublic will collect the donations on behalf of the project until it has
reached some significant amount.


Georepublic UG & Georepublic Japan
eMail: daniel.kastl at georepublic.de
Web: http://georepublic.de
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