[pgrouting-users] Newbie: point_to_id and very large tiger_2010 tables

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Hi Michael,

Not a direct answer, but I assume you are using the TIGER/Line all lines shapefiles to start with. One question is have you taken out all the non-street edges? If you haven't you can greatly reduce the size of table you are working with, so you may be able to use a more direct approach. A second question is are you going to use this for local or for long distance routing as well? The TIGER road network is not designed for routing (it would have z values in addition to x and y values if it was). As a result, there are "intersections" in the TIGER data that are really over/under passes, to say nothing of one-way streets that aren't identified. For routing over very small areas, this isn't fatal, but things get funny as the size of the area increases.



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I'm a GIS newbie that has TIGER_2010 data for U.S.-California loaded in PostGIS as a pilot.

For California alone, the edges table stores the multilinestring data has 3 million rows.  I need to load/use all 50 States when I am done. Attempts to run assign_vertex_id on California alone go on for a few days then just dies with nothing inserted.

It seems to me that I should just add a column to the edges table (or a view or something related to edges) to permanently store the value returned by the point_to_id function instead of trying to generate a giant temporary table.  

Am I headed in the right direction?  What are the consequences I have to work through?  I am competent at editing the SQL functions.  I just don't know what the consequences of  storing the data generated in point_to_id function
 somewhere else has on other pg_routing functions. 

Thanks in advance for your patience answering a newbie question.


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