[pgrouting-users] Traveling Salesperson (TSP)

Steve Horn steve at stevehorn.cc
Sun Jan 22 16:31:11 EST 2012

I began playing around with the TSP functions in pgrouting (v1.0.5) and
came into some problems.

Guess the first question to ask is what is the current state of the TSP

Second, the problem I ran into was when running the tsp function... tsp(sql
text, ids character varying, source integer)
..anytime I ran it it would disconnect my session from postgresql.

The next thing I tried was to try running tsp_dijkstra(geom_table character
varying, ids character varying, source integer)
Here I got the error "relation "tsp_test" does not exist". Apparently
"tsp_test" is a table, but I can't find anything on what it is supposed to

Can anyone help with a little direction on how to get through these
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