[pgrouting-users] pgRounting with PostGIS 2.0

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Tue Apr 9 06:42:33 PDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 10:22 PM, Luís de Sousa <luis.a.de.sousa at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Daniel, thanks for the update.
> I know this is a tricky question, but is there any expected date for this
> new release?

Yes, tricky and easy at the same time.
As more time we can spend on development as earlier it will be ready ;-)

Thanks to some funding we're able to work on the new release right now.
If someone has an interest in getting this done faster, we're happy for any
support: whether it is financial contribution or help with development.

Here is a rough list of what we have in mind:
Lots of "Milestones 1" has been done already. But there is still a lot to
do and time and funds are limited.


> Thank you,
> Luís
> On 9 April 2013 13:05, Daniel Kastl <daniel at georepublic.de> wrote:
>> A new release is currently worked on.
>> There is lots of discussion on the developer list and if you want to try
>> out, you could checkout from Github repository and compile using the
>> following branch:
>> https://github.com/pgrouting/pgrouting/tree/sew-devel-2_0
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