[pgrouting-users] pgrouting 2.0 dependency problems

Pedro Venâncio pedrongvenancio at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 8 14:14:04 PDT 2013

Hi Daniel,

I put the question to the ubuntugis team and the answer was:

> The changes are coming from Debian, see
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-gis/2013/06/msg00015.html 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-gis/2013/06/msg00016.html 
> for the explanation.
> There was also a big change in postgis packaging. Some name have changed, like postgresql-9.1-postgis which is now postgres-9.1-postgis-2.0. So packages depending on it have to be rebuild (They probably need postgresql-9.1-postgis2.0-scripts which contains all the sql files). Normally they should all be updated for Lucid/Precise now, but for packages like OTB I can't tell because I'm not maintaining them.
> Sorry for the inconvenience this updated is causing, I'm sure it'll all be back to normal soon :).
> Jérôme 

Thanks Daniel.

Best regards,

From: Daniel Kastl 

On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 7:15 AM, Pedro Venâncio <pedrongvenancio at yahoo.com> wrote:

>I'm trying to install pgrouting 2.0 from the pgrouting-unstable PPA (postgresql-9.1-pgrouting 2.0.0-beta-ppa12), which depends on the package postgresql-9.1-postgis.
>However, postgresql-9.1-postgis package has a dependency on libgdal1 (gdal 1.9.x), which was replaced by libgdal1h (gdal 1.10.x). In ubuntugis-unstable PPA is now available the postgresql-9.1-postgis-2.0 (2.0.3-2~precise1) package, which uses a dependency on libgdal1h.
>Is there any way to install pgrouting 2.0, using postgresql-9.1-postgis-2.0 as dependency?

Are you using also the UbuntuGIS PPA?
I don't know details, but I read in some other mailing list (Live DVD) about issues with the recently published PostGIS package.
I hope they will solve this issue soon, but changing package names is not really a good idea, I think.

So right now I have no solution for this except updating the pgRouting package. 
Though I don't want to this all the time UbuntuGIS changes the names of their packages ;-)
 I can't tell the day I will have a time to update the packages, so you may want to compile pgRouting for now.


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