[pgrouting-users] Rewrite of one of the TSP functions, updated tests and docs, closing ...

Dave Potts dave.potts at pinan.co.uk
Fri Jul 12 00:56:55 PDT 2013

On 12/07/13 03:49, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
ticket 156 
last updated 19 months ago.
lastchanged 7 days ago

Neither of these tickets seem to refer to the current version of the 
tsp, are these the right ticket number or just proof that I do not known 
how to look at closed tickets?

If work is being done on the TSP interface, it would be nice if distance 
matrix version

1 Returned a defined data results, something like pgr_costResult instead 
of just a list
2. Return the cost between nodes

> Hi All,
> If you are interested in TSP functions, I just made some big changes. 
> Look at issues #127 and #156 for details.
> I have replaced one function with plpgsql functions, updated the 
> documentation and test. This probably need some testing and reviewing.
> Feedback welcome.
> Thanks,
>   -Steve
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