[pgrouting-users] Rev 2.0 Update -- Release is almost ready!

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Sep 4 15:19:08 PDT 2013

Hi Julien,

It is wonderful that you are providing an overview of pgRouting at 

For Rev 2.0, there are major changes. The basic concepts have not 
changed in that you load your data into the database, create a pgRouting 
topology, and issue SQL queries to get results.

The big changes are:

1. We have refactored all the commands so you have to look at the manual 
to learn it or to upgrade

2. We refactored the source tree, integrated the docs with the source 
tree and added tests for every command and every example in the manual.

Why did we do this? The product was getting out of hand with incremental 
development, things were broken and inconsistent and in general suffered 
from a lot of entropy over the years. This move was targeted at reviving 
the project and positioning it to move forward with new features.

3. We added many new features, tools and extensive documentation.
     Topology Functions
         pgr_createTopology to create a topology based on the geometry.
         pgr_createVerticesTable -to reconstruct the vertices table 
based on the source and target information.
         pgr_analyzeGraph - to analyze the edges and vertices of the 
edge table.
         pgr_analyzeOneway to analyze directionality of the edges.
         pgr_nodeNetwork -to create nodes to a not noded edge table.
     Routing Functions
         pgr_apspJohnson - All Pairs Shortest Path, Johnson’s Algorithm
         pgr_apspWarshall - All Pairs Shortest Path, Floyd-Warshall 
         pgr_astar - Shortest Path A*
         pgr_bdAstar - Bi-directional A* Shortest Path
         pgr_bdDijkstra - Bi-directional Dijkstra Shortest Path
         pgr_dijkstra - Shortest Path Dijkstra
         pgr_kDijkstra - Mutliple destination Shortest Path Dijkstra
         pgr_ksp - K-Shortest Path
         pgr_tsp - Traveling Sales Person
         pgr_trsp - Turn Restriction Shortest Path (TRSP)
     With Driving Distance Enabled
         pgr_drivingDistance - Driving Distance
         pgr_alphashape - Alpha shape computation
         pgr_pointsAsPolygon - Polygon around set of points
     Developers’s Functions
         pgr_getColumnName - to get the name of the column as is stored 
in the postgres administration tables.
         pgr_getTableName - to retrieve the name of the table as is 
stored in the postgres administration tables.
         pgr_isColumnIndexed - to check if the column is indexed.
         pgr_isColumnInTable - to check only for the existance of the 
         pgr_pointToId -to insert/get the id of the ineserted point in a 
vertices table.
         pgr_quote_ident - to quotes the input text to be used as an 
identifier in an SQL statement string.
         pgr_version - to get pgRouting’s version information.
         pgr_versionless - to compare two version numbers

Every function has an example and we supply sample data for all the 

If you want help review this let me know or post it on the list and I'm 
sure you will get some feedback and help.


On 9/4/2013 4:15 PM, Julien-Samuel Lacroix wrote:
> Hi,
> I will present "pgRouting for dummies" at FOSS4G2013. It's a nice and
> quick tutorial on how to add basic routing to your site. Could you give
> me a brief summary, for a few slides maybe, of the greatest changes in
> 2.0. I may have missed the official release announcement. Please forgive
> me if it's the case.
> Thanks
> Julien
> On 13-09-03 03:24 PM, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I think we have finished up a major cleanup of the documentation,
>> including creating test files for all the doc examples, and
>> standardizing the name of arguments in the stored procedures. This was
>> all made possible by a lot of work by Vicky Vergara. We are now running
>> 65 test scripts.
>> This code is in the vicky-issue178 branch abd will get merged into
>> develop and tagged as release candidate 2 with the hope that it will
>> become 2.0.0 release shortly there after.
>> You can checkout vicky-issue178 and build that if you want to test it.
>> We would love to get some feedback after all this work.
>> The docs are here:
>> http://imaptools.com:8081/pgr2-doc/dev/en/doc/index.html
>> If you don't have time or expertise to build from source and test it, we
>> could use proof readers to look over the docs. Email me or create a
>> ticket for any issues you find.
>> pgRouting v2.0 is done except to fix docs, crashes or serious issues
>> that can not be deferred and of course to make the final release.
>> Thanks,
>>    -Steve
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