[pgrouting-users] Matching edges with its raw GPS traces

Raghavan Krishnasamylakshmanaperumal rkrish20 at uic.edu
Tue Apr 8 20:46:47 PDT 2014

I have Runkeeper.com raw GPS traces . I used pgr_nodeNetwork and
pgr_createTopology to create graph out of this data.

If I want to match an activity(a user's running record) which has raw GPS
traces with the edge formed out of it, is there any function in PGRouting
which can help me to figure out this edge? If there are some edges missing
due to threshold limits I am fine with it.

To make it more clear let me also explain my question with a picture
attached in this email, the black dots are gps traces of my running
activity, then I used PGRouting to form a graph with this data(just an
assumption). The green line is the edge corresponding to the black dotted
gps traces. Now I need to find this green edge matching these black dots

So is there any library available in PGRouting which can help me to match
these raw GPS traces to find its corresponding edge?

Thanks and Regards,
Raghavan KL
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