[pgrouting-users] Implementation of Driving Distance Function

Matthew Baker mattbaker at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 09:53:26 PDT 2014

Hi all,

During the day I wear my Denver Public Schools hat, and have been 
spreading the good word of SQL Spatial, specifically ST_Distance, to our 
analysts here with much relief and excitement. They are database users, 
not "GIS" users, so the ability to simply add a distance query to their 
existing (and complex) enterprise queries brings huge power to our 
analysis, and of course is very intuitive.

Additionally, I've been spreading the word of the concept of 
/'/distance/along the network'/ (ie. driving distance or pgr_kDijkstra 
algorithms in pgRouting) as they apply to routing kids to their closest 
school by program type, grade, etc... which brings an equal or greater 
level of excitement from our analysts...

Distance along a network as a SQL spatial function has huge potential in 
the way we assign kids to a school, as the system of polygon 
'boundaries' is becoming more and more scrutinized as a solution whose 
time has almost come to an end.

My question is - and see the recent posts below on GIS.SE on this 
subject - *how can the driving distance functions be implemented in the 
same way that ST_Distance works*... ie, I have a table of points 
(student households), and 2nd a list of points (schools), and want to 
determine the students closest school (including other attribute filters 
such as program type, etc.).

GIS.SE / recent questions:



Many thanks for any insight / thoughts / suggestions!


Matthew Baker
Denver Public Schools
Department of Planning and Analysis

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