[pgrouting-users] Large OD matrices

Hans Skov-Petersen hsp at ign.ku.dk
Tue Dec 23 00:55:01 PST 2014

Hi List,

Being rather new at PgRouting (but not to network analysis in general), I am looking for means by which I efficiently can construct all pair, shortest path OD matrices for quite large networks (i.e. a graph of the road network of Denmark, 2.107.981 edges, 860.380 nodes).

I am looking at the All Pairs Shortest Path, Johnson's or Floyd-Warshall Algorithms.


1)      Can anyone guide me to examples of the SQL syntax (or other code) involved in applying the algorithms

2)      Is there a way that the search (and output) can be simplified by limiting the search to only take OD within a given max-search-radius into account?

Cheers and Thanks
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