[pgrouting-users] TRSP returns "Start id was not found"

Vladimir fl_v at inbox.ru
Thu Mar 6 10:47:17 PST 2014

Hello All!

I try to use TRSP with source_edge/target_edge syntax:
SELECT seq, id1 AS node, id2 AS edge, cost FROM pgr_trsp('SELECT id,source::integer,target::integer,cost::float FROM edge_tab', 138, 0.5, 161, 0.5, false, false);

but the error "Start id was not found" occurs.
Edges with ids 138 and 161 exists in edge_tab that's checked by  
SELECT * FROM edge_tab WHERE id in (138,161)

pgr_version: 2.0.0,pgrouting-2.0.0,0,f26831f,master,1.53.0

Please could you tell me what's wrong ?

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