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Stephen V. Mather svm at clevelandmetroparks.com
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Looks awesome Ian,

I submitted an issue at https://github.com/iant1212/networkReach/issues/2 for adding a license to the repo.



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Also there is a query at https://github.com/GregersP/networkReach that will do that (return edges based on nodes reached) and cover parts of segments when the cost distance goes beyond a node without reaching another node.  It's based on pgr_drivingDistance() as mentioned.  You might not need such a level of detail but it's worth a look and I'm always looking for ways to improve on it if you have any suggestions.


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I need to develop a system to generate isochrones according to minutes, you can make this with postgis and how?


Hi Valeria,

The function "pgr_drivingDistance" returns all nodes that can be reached from a start point within a certain "cost" (ie. time) and it also returns the time need to get to each of these nodes:

The function "pgr_pointsAsPolygon" then returns a polygon that includes a set of points:

The argument is a SQL statement, so if you need isochrones you could run it for each isoline.


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