[pgrouting-users] Bug in pgr_pointsasPolygon

Dave Potts mrdapotts at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 23:44:06 PST 2017

I think I may have found an issue with the pgr_pointsasPolygon function

I have a collection off points,  I have assumed that the
pgr_pointsasPolygon would draw a bounding polygon around all the points.

What seems to happen is that I get two very small polygon generated

Example as follows

insert into bug_output(the_geom) select st_setsrid(the_geom,3857)  from
pgr_pointsasPolygon('select id, st_x(the_geom) as x, st_y(the_geom) as y
from bug_input',0) as the_geom ;
Two small polygons generated

I try the following
insert into bug_output(the_geom) select
st_multi((st_convexhull(st_collect(the_geom)))) from bug_input;

I get only large bounding polygon

I have checked the results with qgis

IF I have made a mistake please tell me
(dump of bug_input table attached)

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