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Hello Spencer:

Do you mean something like pgr_TSP? that visits all the nodes?

if you mean something like TSP, take into account that TSP is an
NP-problem, so it will not give "the shortest" route that visits all the
nodes, but "a" route that visits all the nodes that is a local minimum.
Suppose you used the pgr_dijkstraCostMatrix as input to pgr_TSP, once you
have the ordering of the visits, you can get the path by calling



On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Spencer Gardner <spencergardner at gmail.com>

> Is there an efficient strategy for obtaining the shortest route from
> multiple origins to multiple destinations?
> To be clear, I'm *not *talking about returning a shortest route for the
> pairing of each origin to each destination. (This is the current behavior
> when arrays are passed in for start and end vertices.) What I *am *talking
> about is returning a single shortest route that represents the shortest of
> all possibilities between the origin and destination vertices.
> I hope that makes sense.
> Thanks,
> Spencer
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