[pgrouting-users] Housenumbers as multiple stops route with Pgrouting

Matteo Ruggieri matteoruggieri91 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 02:23:36 PST 2020

Hello Daniel,
thank you for your reply and thank you again Vicky for your help (I thought
I sent the message here but I think I sent a private message by mistake)

Anyway yes, I really have many points and yes, it is waste collection (I am
Italian and the English translation of the type of collection should be
Kerbside collection)
I have read about the Chinese Postman Problem but I guess it is something
terribly complex (I tried the QGIS Chinese Postman Solver plugin but with
very few results).
As I replied to Vicky in private (and I apologize again because I would have
preferred to put my answer here so that everyone could read it), I was
thinking to use the withPointsCost function to get the matrix values as
input for the pgr_pickDeliver but I still have to understand if it can
consider the vehicles capacity and time windows. 
Anyway, I will certainly try to better inform myself about this CPP.
I'm just a beginner who wants to learn a lot from pgRouting.

My main goal is to give to the waste management manager optimized routes for
each vehicle. 
Obviously the ideal would be to create a routes with all these multiple
stops but I was thinking, could it be an easier alternative to get from him
all the already established city stops and find the best routes for each
vehicle with pgRouting only passing through specific nodes and edges? So I
could bypass the part related to house numbers and give the manager only the
optimized routes.


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