[postgis-devel] geos / postgis version

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Jul 22 08:24:59 PDT 2004

I think it is wise, and you should look at one of the emails today, 
which suggested reporting out versions of the libraries we are using 
(geos,proj) in addition to whether we have them.

strk wrote:
> Current postgis_version() function is implemented as a pl/pgsql
> function. Sometimes people upgrade postgis library w/out upgrading
> pl/pgsql functions, and this is *sometimes* a problem.
> I think it would be useful to have the following informations
> retrivable:
> 	postgis_scripts_version();	// pl/pgsql  function
> 	postgis_lib_version();		// C function
> 	postgis_geos_version();		// C function
> Our postgis_version() would then be a wrapper, retriving the above
> informations and warning user in case
> postgis_scripts_version() != postgis_lib_version()
> What do you think ?
> --strk;
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