[postgis-devel] PostGIS 1.1.0 - call for closeup

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Fri Dec 9 07:23:59 PST 2005

The 1.1 branch has been around for a long time now.

Notable changes are new functions, caching transform(),
autoconf support, GEOS C-API support and many improvements
in the jdbc2 interface (full changes below).

We also have an initial approach to topology modelling, but
that's far from being usable.

Nonetheless, many items in the TODO list are completely missed:

- Special threatment of SRID=-1, dims=-1, type=GEOMETRY
  in geometry_columns
- MakeValidShape() to remove consecutive vertexes and any eventual
  other cleanup aimed at making pgsql2shp produce "valid" Shapefiles.
- OGC polygon constructors
- Selectivity estimation code merge (+- pgsql-8.0.0)
- Add findsrid() functions that find good carthesian projection
  srids for a given geometry.
- Treat geometries with SRID=-1 as compatible with all other
  geometries in geometry operations

If you see any *important* thing to add before 1.1.0 in that
list (or you have it in mind) please push for it now, otherwise
I'd shift all items in a generic WISHLIST and move toward 1.1.0


--strk(1.1 CHANGES follow);

        - New functions:
                - scale() and transscale() companion methods to translate()
                - line_substring()
                - line_locate_point()
                - M(point)
                - LineMerge(geometry)
                - shift_longitude(geometry)
                - azimuth(geometry)
                - locate_along_measure(geometry, float8)
                - locate_between_measures(geometry, float8, float8)
                - SnapToGrid by point offset (up to 4d support)

        - Function semantic changes:
                - SnapToGrid doesn't discard higher dimensions
                - Changed Z() function to return NULL if requested
                  dimension is not available

        - Peformance improvements:
                - Much faster transform() function, caching proj4 objects
                - Removed automatic call to fix_geometry_columns() in
                  AddGeometryColumns() and update_geometry_stats()

        - jdbc2 works:
                - Makefile improvements
                - JTS support improvements
                - Improved regression test system
                - Basic consistency check method for geometry collections
                - Support for (Hex)(E)wkb
                - Autoprobing DriverWrapper for HexWKB / EWKT switching
                - fix compile problems in ValueSetter for ancient jdk releases.
                - fix EWKT constructors to accept SRID=4711; representation
                - added preliminary read-only support for java2d geometries

        - Other changes:
                - Full autoconf-based configuration
                - JTS support improvements
                - GEOS C-API support
                - Initial support for topology modelling
                - Stricter mapping between DBF and SQL integer and
                  string attributes


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