[postgis-devel] Installation Paths

alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Tue Dec 20 18:00:03 PST 2005


all i wanted, is to do thing as automated as possible, intelligently
piggy-backing on pg_config:

docdir from pg_config is sometimes /usr/share/doc, and sometimes
as i think, postgis would deserve it's own doc dir, especially on
systems with several postgresql installed, i would suggest
thus, i just wanted to strip the postgresql.* part of the name, so that
postgis would receive it's separate directory.
postgis(-doc)? should be appended in configure.in or doc/Makefile.

BTW: doc/Makefile is again unconsistent between install-uninstall.

on the other hand, datadir from pg_config is
/usr/share/postgresql(/x.y)?/, and contrib scripts live in a contrib
subdir of that.
current configure.in is appending postgresql/contrib, and the postgresql
subdir is redundant.


strk at refractions.net wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 20, 2005 at 04:53:20AM +0200, alex bodnaru wrote:
>>hi strk,
>>looks great.
>>two small objections:
>>since postgis docdir contains heavy postgis.html, and doc/Makefile
>>appends postgis directory, it should be fair to have postgis
>>documentation in a top documentation directory, not under postgresql
>>one, especially for the case there are multiple postgresql.
>>thus, if pg_config --configure gets a --docdir like
>>/usr/share/doc/postgresql, i would suggest stripping postgresql through
>>`dirname ${docdir}`.
>>datadir should better be where the specific postgresql is holding it's
>>scripts, and it usualy contains a ./contrib subdir.
>>the hard-wired path in my file, /usr/share/postgresql, is default for
>>older debian distributions, which have only one postgresql.
>>modern debian have a directory for any version under this, and this is
>>being returned by pg_config.
>>thus, i would append only /contrib, not /postgresql/contrib to pg_config
>>--configure returned datadir.
> Try this:
> 	./configure \
> 		--prefix=/usr/local \ 
> 		--datadir=/usr/share/postgresq/contrib/postgis  \
> 		--with-docdir=/usr/share/doc
> 		...
> BTW: I just fixed an inconsistency in doc/Makefile, it was not adding
> 'postgis' to docdir.
> --strk;
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