[postgis-devel] GEOS XMLTester throws error case

Carl Anderson carl.anderson at co.fulton.ga.us
Wed Jan 5 07:31:34 PST 2005

strk at refractions.net wrote:

>On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 04:32:43PM -0500, Carl Anderson wrote:
>>in Jump 1.1.3rc5 this case works fine
>>using GEOS's XMLTester  i get a side location conflict exception. 
>>(output validation is bogus so ignore that)
>With JTS-1.4 testrunner it throws 'side location conflict' as well.
>(which JTS version does your Jump use ?)

yes it does throw the error.  I misread hthe error dialog.   Jump 
mishandles the exception and pops up a confusing dialog

           Validation Errors
              Layer: test1
              No Validation Errors

notice that both shapes report as valid.

 From here,  If there is no motivation for improving  the numerical 
robustness... (hope there is)

Then I really do want to be able to set arbitrary scales for the 
PrecisionManager in the geometryFactory.
which hopefully will  keep precision levels low enough to avoid this issue.


Carl Anderson
GIS Manager Fulton County, Georgia
carl.anderson at co.fulton.ga.us

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