[postgis-devel] [JDBC] Patch for JtsBinaryWriter

Thomas Marti (HSR) tmarti at hsr.ch
Mon Dec 18 02:32:06 PST 2006

I never said it did...hence the expression "we need to change"...which obviously 
points to the future... ;)

The patch I provided for that class just seemed useful, because it gives you a bit 
more feedback, when one of the tests fail. Now, you know at least which one has 

As for not trying to fix it myself, we're in an extremely stressful period right 
now, because we have to hand in our diplom thesis in less than three days.


Markus Schaber schrieb:
> Hi, Thomas,
> "Thomas Marti (HSR)" <tmarti at hsr.ch> wrote:
>> but we need change JtsTestParser as well, because right now the third 
>> ordinate just gets stripped before the BinaryWriter gets called...
> I can't see how your patch fixes any JtsTestParser problem other than
> just by ignoring it.
> I'll dig into it and look for a real fix.
> Regards,
> Markus

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