[postgis-devel] [JDBC] Patch for JtsBinaryWriter

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Mon Dec 18 02:52:37 PST 2006

Hi, Thomas,

"Thomas Marti (HSR)" <tmarti at hsr.ch> wrote:

> I never said it did...hence the expression "we need to change"...which obviously 
> points to the future... ;)

Ah, ok, I understand.

> The patch I provided for that class just seemed useful, because it gives you a bit 
> more feedback, when one of the tests fail. Now, you know at least which one has 
> failed.

You already know that by looking into the test.log file. :-)

> As for not trying to fix it myself, we're in an extremely stressful period right 
> now, because we have to hand in our diplom thesis in less than three days.

Then: good luck!


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