[postgis-devel] KML from PostGIS patch

Eduin Carrillo yecarrillo at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 18 08:21:10 PST 2006

--- strk at refractions.net escribió:

> On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 11:57:07AM -0600, Eduin Carrillo wrote:
> Applied both. Thanks. Some notes below..
> >
> 1) I've fixed a dangerous use of pfree() where PFREE_IF_COPY() was needed.


> 2) A test case would help making sure it works now and it will keep working
> in the future.
I'm working on that but I haven't found useful information. A "how to document"
will be appreciated.

> 3) Documentation only contains AsKML(geometry, [precision]), but I read in
> the sql file
>    about a "version" parameter and an asUKML variant. What are them ?

I just follow the AsGML way of a third parameter for future changes on next
versions of KML specs. However, geometry in kml involves three aditional values
related to how GE displays 3D data: extrude,tessellate and altitudeMode. That
third (and eventually a fourth parameter) can be used to define the behaviour
when 3dz or 3dm geometry is passed. All suggestions are welcomed.

AsUKML is the primary function that returns the KML "untransformed". As Google
Earth only understand WGS84 data (srid=4326), I don't know if somebody will
find it useful. What do you think?

> --strk;


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