[postgis-devel] Generating the README files out of the man pages

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Fri Oct 6 02:04:12 PDT 2006


The README.shp2pgsql and README.pgsql2shp are extremely outdated. The
man pages seem to be current. I plan to merge the information that's
only in the READMEs (mainly the one-liner compilation instructions) into
the manpages, and then generate the README files out of the manpages.

Having the READMEs generated from the manpages will help to keep them in
sync, as it's one place less to care for.

As the compilation instructions are part of the README, I'd like to keep
the files in SVN, and use a makefile rule that's not called by default
to regenerate them.

What do you think about it?

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