[postgis-devel] Re: PostGIS datastore creation

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Fri Oct 6 02:46:08 PDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 23:52 +0200, TECHER David wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> Oh U're on a Xen VM, I'm on a Win XP VMWare player :-)
> Hum! U're right!
> I saw the diff I've got...Since I'm French I've only have problem with
> PGOPTIONS where lc_message=C
> Indeed PGOPTIONS is not enough for me to pass the regression
> tests...(by having  look in regress/run_test)
> See http://www.davidgis.fr/download/postgis-1.1.4--regression.pdf
> Actually, I've got problem with the word 'ERROR' that came translated
> in French in the word 'ERREUR' 
> from "file"expected but that's all!

Ah OK - I'm not sure what we can do about this...

> So in conclusion, the regression test works with PostgreSQL 8.1.4,
> Geos 2.2.3, Proj and PostGIS 1.1.4
> as U said! ;-)
> I don't test PostgreSQL 8.2 for the moment!

Would you be able to try this under VMWare for me? I really don't want
to start shipping files across for the official Win32 installer if they
are crashing during regression :(

It's pgsql2shp.exe which is crashing on me.

> By the way, did U try to compil Geos 3.0.0 rc1...I don't succedd! :-(

I tried using autotools under MingW but it failed :( At the moment, it
looks like you have to install cmake in order compile GEOS 3.0.0 RC1
under MingW, but I can't say I've tried this myself yet.

Kind regards,


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