[Pginstaller-devel] [postgis-devel] Generating the README filesout of the man pages

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Tue Oct 10 15:04:45 PDT 2006

Hi, Dave,

Dave Page wrote:
>> Not that I know of. IIRC, we just suck binaries over from your site, but
>> Dave can hopefully confirm that. 
> 8.2 is going out with a build of my own (which is already more painful than I'd like if I'm honest).

So you would prefer to have pre-build README files for shp2pgsql and
pgsql2shp, instead of having to build them from the manpage format?

But you still have to run a unix2dos filter for them, AFAICS, to have
them in an usable format for the windows users.

I've to admit that I've no idea how this is handled currently in your
installer, I'll have a look tomorrow, when I have access to a windows
machine again.


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