[postgis-devel] Win32 crashes with PostGIS 1.1.4 / PostgreSQL 8.2 -- solved

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Fri Oct 13 03:58:51 PDT 2006

On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 12:46:30PM +0200, Markus Schaber wrote:

> What do you think about the attached formulation for HOWTO_RELEASE?

No attachment... ?

> Btw, AFAICS the loader/dumper currently don't include that version info
> altogether, they only contain the SVN version. Should we add a UTIL_* here?

loader/dumper show RCSId when called w/out args, that'd help.

> It might make sense to change Version.config to contain only the
> REL_*_VERSION variables, and use them everywhere. There's a low risk
> that we'll have users upgrade more parts then necessary, e. G. if the
> loader and the jdbc don't change in a minor release. But as we won't
> have independent releases of those subprojects, we confuse users even
> more when we release a PostGIS 1.1.9 that contains a jdbc_1.1.8.jar and
> a shp2gpsql version 4711.

Yes, I've been thinknig about this too. Sounds much easier :)

> But, IMHO, this is to be fixed after getting 1.1.4 out, the users are
> waiting for the fixes. :-)

Developers are waiting for the SVN  ;-)

BTW, I see no critical fixes advertised in the CHANGES file, what did I miss ?


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