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No any imitation is accpetable ? I am not a fan of Oracle, but here when I
read his documentation on GeoRaster, it meets my ideas very much when I
thought about this raster model. I think it is a good model. Why don't they
allow us to take it for public ?  In fact, the Oracle GeoRaster is more or
less the similar with ArcSDE Raster. The difference is ArcSDE provide the
data model on the API level and oracle provide it with the database. How can
they live together without interfering the patent?

Could we just take a modified version from Oracle GeoRaster or we can't take
anything even the idea of georaster model. But it is very common in
GeoScience and how could we avoid using it?

Tim, your way might be possible for the time being if we can't not take the
previous one. I will look into the GDAL and PostGIS 0.1 soon.



On 7/12/07, Tim Keitt <tkeitt at gmail.com> wrote:

Seems the shortest path is to add a single type to postgis that
> represents a raster tile (if I remember, something like that may
> already exist). Tiles would act as square polygons from postgis'
> perspective ie would use the same gist indexing and so on. Existing
> functions like intersect would act on the polygon bounding box. A
> loader/dumper could easily be put together based on GDAL.
> For raster/vector ops, perhaps the simplest thing (except maybe doing
> this externally) would be to explode the tiles as postgis points and
> use existing functions. (Sounds slow, but might work and I suppose
> some way to bundle the results back into an output tile would be
> needed.) This would not be needed initially but would be nice to have.
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